Are You Able To Lose Gracefully?

As a salesperson, I am a fragile individual. Believe it or not, most of us are. Put yourself in our shoes. Imagine what it’s like being told “no” fifty times a day. Then you pick up the phone, excited to call someone else who will potentially reject you or never return your call for the(…)

Accepting Constructive Criticism

When someone tells me that I need to improve on something, my instinctive reaction is usually, “Who the $%@# do you think you are, telling me what do to? You’re not the boss of me!” Constructive criticism provides you with outside perspective. I’ve rarely seen a time where this is a bad thing. But, it(…)

Giving Constructive Criticism

  How is constructive criticism different than just plain criticism? Constructive criticism is criticism with homework! Typically, two things that people hate: criticism and homework, right? I played the violin as a child. I didn’t play sports. I wasn’t in Girl Scouts. I played the violin. My mother and countless teachers urged me to practice.(…)

Lost Pixie, Found Perspective

Start a blog. Check Write one article a week. Check Keep writing articles without letting life get in the way. Whoa, what? In March of last year, I started this blog. It was great. I had friends and family providing me with corporate war stories to help me write. Last year was amazing for me(…)

Goal Setting – Part 2 – Day to Day

In order to meet your personal achievements, you MUST have small goals to work toward. Think for a minute about a small goal that you accomplished. Did you run a 5K, pay off a student loan, or redecorate a room? These are all small projects, but they require a good amount of small goals to(…)

Goal Setting – Part 1 – Dreaming Big

We all know that setting goals is important. There are countless blogs, books, and seminars on it. Goal setting is very important as you move through your career. Believe it or not, it is a rare occasion that you graduate and walk right into the boardroom. This is one of my favorite topics and, in(…)

Getting Past a Speed Bump In Your Career

As of late, I have been fantasizing about the day I retire. This is a result of reaching a point in life where I have started to put 15% of my income toward retirement. I am 32 right now, but in about a month, I will be 33. The average retirement age is between 67(…)

Even YOU Are Replaceable!

“You! Yeah, You! Did you know you are replaceable?” Gasp. “No…not me! Never!” “Ba ha ha! Boy, you have no idea, do you?” I hate to break it to you, but everyone is replaceable. Yes. Me, you, your boss, the CEO of your company, everyone. There will always be someone out there better, faster, cheaper,(…)

Getting Laid off: The Event, Aftermath, and Moving On!

Getting laid off is the crappiest feeling. Unless it’s happened to you, you really have no idea what it’s like. I have been laid off, but I’ve also survived almost ten layoffs in my company, given the downward economy. I was laid off the week of Thanksgiving. I often giggle a bit looking back at(…)

Demotion : Reaction, Aftermath, and Moving On

I’ve never been demoted. I’ve had managers and coworkers demoted, and taken over a role after my boss was demoted. This type of situation is plain and simple: it sucks, no matter if you are the individual that has to demote someone, is promoted or hired due to someone’s demotion, or has to work under/next(…)